Watch this incredible camera drone tour of the Grand Palais in Paris (VIDEO)


posted Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 6:06 PM EST


Watching this video of a drone camera flying around the famed Paris Grand Palais, you're struck almost immediately by just how unreal the footage looks. The beautifully smooth shots seem more like a computer rendered flyby than real video recorded in a real place. But then you start to notice small details, like cars driving past the windows, and then you see people moving in frame, and you understand just what an incredible job the filmmakers have done with this video.

This video was shot using an octocopter loaded with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III by French company Et Alors. The company specializes in using drones for footage that would otherwise require expensive helicopter footage, or else large and expensive rigs. And watching this video, you can't help but be impressed by how fantastically their stabilization system works, to give astonishingly smooth video, while the drone is capable of some pretty tight maneuvering. Watching the company's drone demo reel, you really get a feel for what they're capable of doing with this little flying gadget.

(via Gizmodo)