This video shows the effects of every Photoshop CS5 filter (on the Photoshop logo)


posted Monday, July 22, 2013 at 6:49 PM EDT


The bizarre, glitch loving folks at Device have put together this rapidfire video, showing off all of Photoshop CS5's filters as applied to the Photoshop logo itself. In just 1:46, the entire gamut, from find edges, to emboss, colored pencil, to offset.

Accompanying the video is an audio track, which for each filter started with the same sound, but then altered "with a different distortion effect for every case, exporting the graphical concept to the sound."

If you actually want to see what each filter can do to your image, you're probably better off just using Photoshop's Filter Gallery, but this video is as much an art project in and of itself, as it is a guide to what Photoshop filters can do. And I think we can all remember when we were just learning about Photoshop, and thought turning up the "emboss" filter to the max made for just the coolest thing ever.

As a companion to the video, the Device folks have put together a Tumblr of all the animations — but be warned, it's probably best to avoid if you're at all sensitive to rapidly flashing lights.

(via TNW, Laughing Squid)