Ricoh GR review: Can this affordable large-sensor, fixed prime lens compact camera best the Nikon Coolpix A?


posted Monday, July 22, 2013 at 1:33 PM EST


Earlier this year, fans of large sensors and fixed prime lenses received a double treat, as in quick succession, both Nikon and Ricoh debuted their first models in a fast-growing market niche. We've just posted our Ricoh GR review, hot on the heels of our recent Nikon Coolpix A review, and in it we aim to choose the victor among two models that are exceptionally similar.

Like the Nikon announced before it, the Ricoh GR pairs a bright, wide 28mm-equivalent f/2.8 optic with a 16-megapixel imager. The sensor looks to be very closely related to those of well-reviewed DSLRs -- including both the Pentax K-5 II and Nikon D7000 -- and just as in the Coolpix A, the Ricoh GR loses the optical low-pass filter in a quest to deliver the highest-resolution images possible. (But this choice leaves both compact cameras vulnerable to moiré.)

But can the Ricoh GR best the heavier, higher-priced Coolpix A in a straight fight, shot side-by-side in the real world? Which camera offers the better ergonomics and feature set, and is it the Nikon or Ricoh that ultimately takes better pictures? Read our in-depth Ricoh GR review, and find out which model best suits your personal photographic needs!