Guy photo bombs wedding proposal at Disney World; Photoshop parodies ensue


posted Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at 1:17 PM EST


Must be the summer heat or the humidity or, likely, both but funny photo memes seem to abound this time of year. The latest meme stems from an accidental photo bombing of a wedding proposal at Disney World. (See to the right and below.)

The guy awkwardly running in front of the proposal in the original photo is hilarious (and unfortunate) in its own right, but it has generated many funny, Zelig-like, Photoshop renditions as well.

Check out the "in the way guy" turning up on Iwo Jima, on Abbey Road, in Times Square during V-J Day, and in a bunch of other awkward and inappropriate situations from history.

If those don't make you laugh on a sultry summer day, check out this funny "Desk Safari" photo meme, where co-workers heads are aligned with animal bodies.

(Via Ned Harvey and Buzz Feed)