Samsung NX2000 first shots: Can the NX300’s more affordable, more connected sibling match its image quality?


posted Sunday, July 28, 2013 at 7:30 PM EDT

We've just posted First Shots -- our still life test images shot under controlled conditions in the IR Lab -- for Samsung's newest and most-connected mirrorless camera, the Samsung NX2000. Announced last May, the NX2000 takes an imaging pipeline much like that of the more expensive Samsung NX300, and combines it with cutting-edge connectivity to create a truly unique compact system camera.

The NX2000 forgoes the NX300's hybrid autofocus system, because its image sensor lacks the on-chip phase detection autofocus pixels found on its sibling's sensor. (In that respect, it's more like the sensor of the NX1100.) But in other ways, it bests the NX300: It has a roomier 3.7-inch touchscreen, and a sharing-friendly feature set with both Wi-Fi and Near Field Communications wireless connectivity, making it attractive to social networking fans. And let's not forget the more affordable price tag, either.

When we took a look at image quality of the NX300 recently, we found that it turned out excellent, high-resolution images. That augured well for its more affordable sibling, so we've been keen to get the NX2000 into the lab to see how it fared by comparison. 

The Samsung NX2000 has an unusually-roomy 3.7-inch display and cutting-edge connectivity.

You can look at images taken with the Samsung NX2000 and NX300 side by side in our Comparometer™. You can also compare the NX2000's images against those from any other camera we've tested, if you're not sure whether it's time for an upgrade from your current camera, or to switch from another lens mount entirely.

See First Shots taken with the Samsung NX2000 here. When you're done, be sure to read our Samsung NX2000 preview for a detailed look at the new features of Samsung's latest mirrorless camera. And watch this space for our full Samsung NX2000 review in the coming weeks!