Watch an NPS technician repair a Nikon D4 DSLR in less than a minute (VIDEO)


posted Monday, July 29, 2013 at 3:42 PM EDT


We expect the technicians at Nikon Professional Services (NPS) to be pretty skilled at what they do but they're also fast. Very fast. In the below video, you can watch NPS service technician Kodai Matsumoto diagnose and repair a Nikon D4 in less than a minute.

OK, truth be told, it actually took Matsumoto just over twenty minutes to assess and fix the D4 but the timelapse video condenses it down to a mere 51 seconds. Twenty minutes is still mighty quick though to, essentially, take apart a professional DSLR and put it all back together.

The clip was shot on location at the FINA World Swimming Championships (BCN2013) in Barceolona, Spain and we're sure sports photographers appreciate having such quick, on-site repairs during major sporting events. In a somewhat opposite vein, you can also watch these photographers try to destroy a Nikon D3S by drowning it, dropping it, freezing it, and burning it. (Caution: if you're an NPS technician, you might not want to watch that clip.)

(Via Nikon Rumors)