Fisherman fakes bizarre photo showing him stabbing his way out of a shark


posted Thursday, August 1, 2013 at 12:11 PM EST


Typically, if someone was to make a funny picture of themselves fighting their way out of a shark, they'd just turn to Photoshop to do it. But one Australian man did it much better — he actually crawled inside a dead shark in order to take a bizarre and hilarious photo.

It's not clear who the subject of the photo is, but he's reportedly a Victoria fisherman, who, after catching and gutting the shark decided to pose for the photo. He climbed inside its body, stuck a hand through the gills, and stabbed the thing between the eyes. The photo looks for all the world like he's trying to struggle out after being eaten alive, in a move that seems right out of Sharknado.

The photo came to light thanks to an Australian radio show, who also say the photo is now mounted at Metung Hotel in Gippsland — and apparently it's managed to fool at least one set of tourists.

And just in time for Shark Week to start on Sunday!

(via Gawker, PerthNow, NerdCore)