Canon 7D gets first step towards Raw video thanks to Magic Lantern hack


posted Friday, August 2, 2013 at 3:07 PM EDT


The Canon 7D  has never been the easiest camera for the folks at Magic Lantern to tweak. It took them three years of work to even get an alpha version of the Magic Lantern's custom firmware hack functional, thanks to the 7D's unique architecture. With the recent progress of Magic Lantern bringing Raw video to Canon cameras, it looked like the 7D might have missed out on the fun. But a breakthrough from the ML folks has taken the first steps towards finally adding Raw video to the 7D.

Over at Twitter and in the Magic Lantern forums, Magic Lantern leader A1ex quietly announced the beginnings of Magic Lantern-supported Raw video for the 7D. A new change to the Magic Lantern code has enabled this. Since this is just the beginning of the process, as A1ex puts it, "From now on, it's your job to get it fully working."

Theoretically, the 7D will be able to handle 1728x1156 Raw video, but right now it's just silent pictures at high speed, without proper syncing. So it's going to take some doing to get fully up and running but it does offer a glimmer of hope for adding a very powerful feature to a rather old DSLR.

(via Planet5D)