Good news, videographers: The powerful Zoom H6 audio recorder system is now available


posted Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 3:22 PM EST

A couple of months ago, we told readers about the new Zoom H6, a six-track portable audio recorder that promises to match your high-def or ultra high-def video with audio that's every bit as impressive. At the time, the H6 was available only for preorder, with projected delivery last month. Unfortunately, the target slipped a little, but today we have good news for videographers: The Zoom H6 is now available in the US market!

We took an in-depth look at the Zoom H6 in our earlier coverage, but recapping briefly, it has a modular design. Along with four built-in XLR / TRS ports -- two on each side of its body -- the Zoom H6 has an interchangeable accessory mount at the top. Here, you can mount either the bundled X/Y mic or mid-side mic capsules. Alternatively, you can pick up an optional shotgun mic or XLR / TRS input adapter accessory, with the latter taking you to no less than six separate XLR / TRS ports. A headphone jack allows monitoring, while a line output lets you pass audio from the Zoom H6 to your camera body. Alternatively, you can record audio to the H6's own SD card slot.

The Zoom H6 accepts four different microphone accessories, of which two -- the X/Y mic and the mid-side mic capsules -- come included in the product bundle.

It looks to be a powerful device indeed, with boatloads of control over audio capture -- far beyond what is available by default from your camera body, even in pro models. The Zoom H6 serves as the new flagship in the company's line, and bearing that in mind, the pricetag of US$400 seems pretty reasonable.

If you're ready to step things up a notch in the audio department, pick up the Zoom H6 today from IR affiliate B&H Photo Video for US$400 with free shipping. Your camera -- and your viewers -- will thank you!

A color display caters both to setup, and to levels monitoring.