This bright green Sprite snapshooter is powered by the do-it-yourself Raspberry Pi camera


posted Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 1:16 PM EST


Remember the Raspberry Pi and its camera? In case you don't, it a super cheap processor/camera combo that can be used for any manner of thing, and has even been sent to the edge of space? Well now this do-it-yourself camera device is being used for a very different project — as a piece of advertising for Sprite in Bucharest.

This bright green camera with a huge Sprite logo was developed by Romanian group Robofun for advertisers McCann Bucharest. It was part of an ad campaign called “Prizes That Advertise For Us”, with massively over-branded prizes up for grabs. The group developed an easy to use camera that not only sits in a bright green housing with a Sprite logo, but also adds a Sprite watermark to every photo, and yells "SPRITE!" when you snap a picture.

If you're at all interested in how they put it together, Robofun has put up complete instructions, for both hardware and programming, so that you can build your own (though we assume you might not have yours along a Sprite theme).

(via PetaPixel)