Hilarious photos of disinterested dads at One Direction concert is today’s viral hit


posted Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 2:28 PM EST


Here's the funniest thing we've seen on the Internet today: Jamie Taete's hilarious photos of dads looking completely disinterested at tween sensation pop group One Direction's recent concert in Los Angeles.

If you don't know who One Direction are, it simply means you've got more than 12 years on you and are, likely, not a girl. The 10-12-year-old female set is this British boy band's main demographic but, of course, since tweens are not old enough to drive, dear old dad is often the one who has to play chaperone. (Though there are likely plenty of moms who fill this role too.)

Taete, who is the West Coast editor of Vice, snapped his images of dads looking dazed at LA's Staples Center, and then shared them on Instagram, where they've quickly gone viral.

Check out a few below and more on Taete's Instagram and Twitter feeds.

(Via The Daily Beast)