“Hand-Tech” camera glove concept pushes the boundaries of wearable tech


posted Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 7:11 PM EST


Student design projects are always interesting. Since they're not saddled with having to actually be produced, it gives an opportunity for people to play with ideas and concepts that can really push the boundaries of how someone might interact with technology. Francesca Barchiesi's Hand-Tech camera glove is just such an object. Though it may be physically impractical (and, perhaps, impossible to pull off), Hand-Tech was designed as a graduation thesis, and offers some intriguing concepts for interaction. (And why not dream big?)

The proposed Hand-Tech camera glove would allow you to record via a camera and microphone, project images, measure, exchange data, and even translate sign language. There's no way that would be possible with current technology levels, but some of what Barchiesi proposes is doable. The Ubi-Camera, for example, lets you take a photo just by framing a scene with your fingers.

With Google Glass sparking renewed interest in wearable technology and cameras, and recent life logging cameras like Memoto, imaging technology is being squeezed into smaller, and less obtrusive technology on a continual basis. While we're a long way off from a skin-tight glove that can project an image on the wall as easily as take a photograph, it's an interesting thought-exercise about how it might work.

(via Design Taxi)