Getty photographer shows how he can shoot 11 assignments in Cannes in one day (VIDEO)


posted Monday, August 19, 2013 at 1:08 PM EST


Gareth Cattermole is a staff photographer for Getty Images, which means he's often on assignment, covering red carpets and celebrity galas. As much as that sounds like an awesome gig to have full time, this video shows some of just how fast Cattermole needs to work — and how on a busy day, he can deal with up to 11 assignments.

Shot at the film festival in Cannes, this short video from Getty shows a bit of Cattermole heading between shoots, as well as him photographing supermodel Irina Shayk. Working on an incredibly tight schedule, Cattermole carries a backpack and a roller full of gear between each location. As he puts it:

"Someone says you've got half an hour, which really isn't half an hour, it's more like ten minutes, which is more like five minutes."

Which means that he has to be fast, and adaptable. Setting up his lighting rig (even if, as in this case, he doesn't end up using it), getting the shot, and getting out. It's an admirable amount of hustle on his behalf — and unfortunately, Getty doesn't have the resulting image on their site, so we don't know how well it went.

(via ISO1200)