HiLO Lens finally goes on sale; clever iPhone accessory lets you shoot images from unique angles


posted Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 2:08 PM EST


Do you remember that intriguing HiLO Lens we told you about last year? The clever, right angle lens attaches to your iPhone and helps you shoot photos from unique angles -- such as down low or over your head -- with your smartphone camera. The product, which began on Kickstarter, reached its funding goal and is now finally on sale for $69.95.   

The HiLO Lens' casing is made from solid aluminum, which houses a 0.7x wide angle lens with four optical glass elements. The black anodized finish of the lens is designed to reduce stray light, while a reusable, tacky pad helps secure it over the iPhone's camera. It ships with with a tiny metal protective case for transport.

For high-angle shots, such as during concerts or when trying to photograph over crowds, the HiLO Lens acts as a periscope. For low-angle shots, such as of pets and children, you can use your iPhone like a camera with a vari-angle screen, to compose photos from difficult angles. It can be used in portrait or landscape mode.

A low angle photo of a snail captured by Gillian Wasser using the HiLO lens.

The HiLO lens comes with a free app designed to correct for any mirroring effect and enhance image quality. You can also import images with the app and there's a countdown clock if you want to be in the photo. When you lay your iPhone down on a flat surface with the HiLO Lens, it can double as a tripod.

We haven't had a chance to actually test drive a HiLO lens yet, but it seems like a great tool for iPhone street photography. Who knows, you might even be able to capture an image that wins the next iPhone Photography Awards?