Like father, like son: Striking photo series makes family resemblances much easier to see


posted Monday, August 26, 2013 at 10:55 AM EST

Most of us have had someone comment on how much we look like our parents, but sometimes we can struggle to recognize the similarities ourselves. Seeing your own face reflected back at you in that of your child is easier, but it's still tricky to imagine just how they're going to look in the decades to come.

"Boys and Their Fathers,"a project by Scottish photographer Craig Gibson, documents family resemblances with striking effect. We're sure even the participants have no trouble recognizing just how similar to each other they are, generation gap notwithstanding.


Gibson, whose works have been exhibited in Glasgow and Brussels, describes "Boys and Their Fathers," as follows:

"The project compares the facial characteristics between Father and Son. These portraits were a demonstration of the physical similarities between one genetic relationship. It explores the subjects’ physical attributes, expressions, postures and moods. This project looks at a constant reminder of change, through time and in both growth and circumstance, forcing the viewer to make comparisons."


For each family, Gibson captures photographs of both father and son from a similar perspective. The results are displayed as an eyecatching triptych, with photos of both individuals displayed alongside a composite image overlaying both generations. The result strongly emphasizes just how much alike we are, and how much of our parents' story can be found written upon our own faces.

For more photographs from the series, visit Gibson's website. (And while you're there, check out the rest of the site -- we rather liked some of the shots in the Gun Club series, as well!)


(via MyModernMet)