Olympus Europe teases new interchangeable-lens flagship, hints at mirrorless design


posted Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 2:55 PM EDT

Big news is on the way for Olympus shooters, according to a new teaser published by the company's European division. According to the teaser, Olympus is preparing to launch a new flagship interchangeable-lens camera.

From the presence of both Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds logos, one could infer that it's probably going to be a mirrorless model with support for the company's SLR lenses provided via an adapter. The presence of an image sensor on a movable platter front-and-center on the teaser page suggests in-body image stabilization, which would make sense given it's long been a staple of the company's cameras. There's not a lot you can infer beyond that, however.

It's been nearly three years now since the last Four Thirds camera body -- the Olympus E-5 -- was launched. At this point, it's the only Four Thirds body still listed as current on the Olympus USA website, and given that no stock is available, one has to wonder if it too has been discontinued.

Olympus Europe is teasing a new interchangeable-lens flagship camera that, based on the logos, should offer support for both mirrorless and SLR lenses.

Perhaps not coincidentally, it's almost exactly one year since Olympus UK pledged that a new product was on the way which would bring improved autofocus for Four Thirds lens owners. Could the product being teased be that which the company hinted at a year ago? If so, photographers with an investment in Four Thirds glass will want to pay close attention.

On the teaser page, you can sign up to receive information direct from Olympus when the camera is launched. Of course, you can also expect to hear any announcement on our news page, as well.

Watch this space!