Slow-mo video booths, coming soon to a wedding near you! (VIDEO)


posted Friday, August 30, 2013 at 1:58 PM EDT


In the eternal war of one-upmanship that is the wedding-industrial complex, everyone wants their wedding to be the most unique and special thing ever imagined. And every photographer who has worked a wedding knows that that applies to them too. Well, how's this for something that you probably haven't seen at a wedding before? A RED camera shooting slow motion footage of your guests acting like awesome goofballs.

Photo booths at weddings are hardly new, and half-tipsy wedding guests love messing around with props and posing strangely. Turning that into an ultra-high-speed, slow-motion video booth makes for even more hilarious fun, as streamers and glitter fly, and faces wobble.

The video was done by Super Frog Saves Tokyo, and was shot on a RED Epic. So if you're thinking of doing something similar for your next wedding shoot, just make doubly sure no drunk person trips over the camera! Oh, and make sure you have plenty of light — slo-mo needs some pretty heavy illumination!

(Glamour, via Jezebel)