Groom records wedding using secret camera glasses (VIDEO)


posted Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at 3:27 PM EDT


Ever wanted to see a wedding from the point of view of the groom? Well, the traditional way has been to find a person, fall in love, bust out your tuxedo, and go and get hitched — or you could watch this video recorded by Michael Kammes. Kammes decided to record his wedding and reception by building his own 1080p video recording glasses, so that he could capture the event without it being super intrusive.

To make it happen, Kammes combined a 808 #26 keychain 1080p camera with a 15-inch lens extension cable, which he attached to his prescription glasses. A small lens stuck out of one side, with the cable snaking behind his ear, and down his neck into the spycam, which was hidden in his jacket. With a 32GB MicroSD card, he had more than enough storage space for the entire event.

While it might sound like a simple solution, it proved to be an extremely tricky build. Kammes had multiple part failures due to fragility, and had to tear down and rebuild the thing the night before the wedding. Not only that, but he had a couple of backup systems running: a wide-angle Koonlung DVR on his tux, and another camera in the pocket of the officiant.

Luckily, his glasses hack worked, was unobtrusive, and manage to capture some really incredible footage of the wedding! And it was certainly a lot less obvious than if he had been wearing Google Glass.

(via PetaPixel)