Colorado flooding devastation documented in dramatic photos and videos


posted Friday, September 13, 2013 at 3:36 PM EST


Three people have already died during record flooding in Colorado, forcing the National Guard to evacuate thousands of residents from areas particularly hard hit. As much of the state gets hit by rising water levels, people have taken to social media to chronicle the events unfolding around them. It's a trend we've seen more and more, with people grabbing their smartphones, and chronicling disasters as they hit with a speed and view that the news often can't match.

In this case, the action has been centered around the #boulderflood and #coloradoflood hashtags (on Twitter, too). People are uploading images and videos of particularly hard hit areas, patches of blue sky, or just how they're handling the disaster. This is a small smattering of some of what's been uploaded.

If you want to help with disaster relief, ABC News in Denver has a good list of resources to turn to.

(Via Business Insider)