Behind the scenes shooting with the MoVI camera stabilizer for Red Bull (VIDEO)


posted Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 1:50 PM EST


The MoVI stabilization rig from Freefly Systems remains one of the most hotly anticipated pieces of gear this year. Every video we see of people shooting with it continues to impress us, with the device's remarkable image stabilization abilities a sight to behold.

This most recent offering comes from the Red Bull Dreamline BMX competition, with Freefly loaning them a MoVI rig for recording the event. As you can imagine, the massive stabilization afforded by the MoVI means that camera operators are able to follow along the rugged, dirt course far more easily, and still capture high quality footage of each run.

The behind the scenes video is on the short side, but you can see more of the footage in the six minute YouTube clip of the competition, also embedded below.

The MoVI M10 is starting to ship to customers and land in the hands of various professionals. So if you have a spare $15,000 in your pocket, you can seriously start considering if you want to get hold of one. Alternatively, there are smaller and less able DIY rigs that you can do yourself for a fraction of that.

(via ISO 1200)