Ex-Kodak sensor spinoff Truesense unveils Four Thirds format 4K video CMOS sensor


posted Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 1:39 PM EDT


Truesense, the sensor manufacturer that spun-off from Kodak prior to the company's bankruptcy, has announced the company's first CMOS sensor. The Four Thirds format sensor will be capable of recording up to 4K resolution, which means 12 megapixels on the still side.

Truesense is the company that provides the sensors for the Digital Bolex, and the addition of CMOS sensors means that they may find their way into even more affordable devices. The new sensor is part of a trio of announcements from Truesense, including two new CCDs. Here's how Truesense describes the capabilities of the most interesting of the trio:

"The 12 megapixel (4000 x 3000) KAC-12040 Image Sensor is the first in a planned family of CMOS devices that combine high image quality under both global and rolling shutter operation with very high frame rate, flexible readout modes for accessing multiple regions of interest, and excellent near-IR sensitivity – features becoming vital in a variety of machine vision, intelligent transportation systems, and surveillance applications.  Based on a 4.7 micron pixel architecture, the 4/3 optical format KAC-12040 supports multiple regions of interest (ROI) and and interspersed video streams, making this device ideal for applications requiring both high resolution and high frame rates."

According to EOSHD, the CMOS chip is capable of shooting 4k video at up to 120fps, has a dynamic range of "72 db (11 stops) in rolling shutter mode but this drops to just 55 db in global shutter mode."

You can see more technical details on the product page, if that's your fancy.

(via 1001NoisyCameras)

EDIT: Updated with correct information about when Truesense broke off from Kodak, and correcting naming conventions.