52 GoPros and a pile of dogs make for an adorable bullet time video


posted Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 3:25 PM EDT


A bunch of adorable dogs, a whole pile of GoPro cameras, and some video editing trickery combine to make one of the most adorable videos we've seen in a while. This video, created by Devin Supertramp, takes the already joyful fun of dogs playing, and uses a huge number of GoPro videos to create a bullet time-like effect.

Devin and his team picked up 52 GoPros, and then specially crafted two custom rigs for shooting this spot. One was circular, with all the cameras pointed inwards for your traditional "rotate around" bullet time action of puppies jumping in the air and grabbing things. But they also put together a linear rig of all the cameras in a row, to provide a similar effect while panning.

In a behind-the-scenes video, they talk about just how much time and effort went into putting together what amounts to just a few minutes of video. Not only did they have to precisely engineer and machine the mounts, but each stitched together shot took hours of work to assemble. And even then, the fact that each GoPro was exposing slightly differently and had minute placement changes means the results came together looking a bit jittery.

But still: cute dogs! Jumping!

(via FStoppers)