Watch these wonderful time lapses that stretch from 10K down to Instagram (VIDEO)


posted Friday, September 27, 2013 at 3:53 PM EDT


Time lapses are a big thing right now. Thanks to built-in functionality, camera hacks, and smartphone apps, it seems that just about any camera can be tweaked to compress long periods of time into a quick video. And with this boom in the medium comes experimentation, which means we're seeing time lapses that range from the obscenely big down to the very small.

On the enormous side, you have photographer Colin Legg, who shot an 11-day and night time lapse in a dry lake bed in Australia. While that's impressive in and of itself, what's even more astonishing is that he edited over 111,000 individual photographs into a 10K time lapse destined for the IMAX film In Saturns Rings. While most of us are still getting our heads around 4K video, Legg's work at 10K is astonishing. He used a five camera rig to capture 155° of the sky in order to put it together.


Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, you have time lapse videos presented on a much more personal level: using Instagram. Instagrammer Elisha Jon (aka the North Post) has been using Instagram's video function to upload brief time lapses, which he's combined into the video below. As you might guess watching them, they aren't taken using a smartphone. Instead, he shoots with a DSLR, saying "All of the color-grading was done in Photoshop and After Effects. I created the light leaks with my dslr."


Between these two videos you have two very different takes on time lapses. One of which is as big and grandiose as you could possibly imagine, and the other designed to be watched on a smartphone, and with a lomo look. And both are pretty damn impressive.

(via DIYPhotography, DesignTaxi