Samsung NX300 review: The company’s best mirrorless camera yet delivers great photos and seamless Wi-Fi sharing


posted Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 1:47 PM EDT

The 20.3-megapixel Samsung NX300 is the most fully realized mirrorless camera the company has produced yet, and one of the best on the market in its class. Though the NX300 is slightly bigger and heavier than its predecessors, its "retro modern" design looks great, and it's still noticeably more portable than the typical SLR camera kit.

The NX300's brand-new APS-C sized, CMOS image sensor forgoes the all-too-common "pack in the pixels" upgrade in favor of better image quality and a quicker and more accurate Hybrid AF system, thanks to its on-chip phase detection. And the NX300 is also a faster performer than previous models in terms of burst capture, as well, although its RAW buffer depth is still pretty modest.

And that's not all. Among a raft of changes, the NX300 adds a larger, sharper display, which it makes both tiltable for versatility and touch-sensitive for ease-of-use.  Samsung has also improved its wireless connectivity, making it easier to put your photos on your smartphone with Near-Field Communications.

The Samsung NX300 is also the company's first camera to support its new -- and extremely unusual -- 45mm F1.8 2D/3D lens, which is available separately, or as a kit option. With this optic mounted, you can not only shoot true 3D stills with a single lens (as opposed to the pseudo-3D provided on some other single-lens cameras), but you can also shoot surprisingly convincing 3D video.

All things considered, the Samsung NX300 represents quite the upgrade -- and at an affordable price, to boot! But can it live up to its promise, and will its 3D lens prove to be a useful photographic tool in the real world? Read our in-depth Samsung NX300 review, and find out!