Diana F+ Instant Camera lets you move between Instax and medium format at will


posted Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 11:43 AM EST


The Diana F+ is one of the more popular toy cameras on the market, but if you wanted to play with instant film on it, you had to fork out $89 for an Instax back. Given that the Diana F+ is only $89 on its own, paying the same again for using instant film was probably more than most people wanted to spend. But now you can get both your medium format and your instant in one happy package, as Lomography has bundled both things together in the new Diana F+ Instant Camera for $139.

That's some $40 less than the official price for buying both parts seperately, and the bundle still includes the traditional Diana F+ medium format back so that you can swap back to normal film if you're so inclined. It's also completely compatible with the full range of Diana lenses and accessories, as well as standard Diana F+ features like multiple exposure and pinhole shooting.

The only caveat is that these instant backs aren't exactly known for their build quality. The Amazon reviews are scattered with some pretty negative feedback due to jamming, and damaging the film. But it wouldn't be lomo if there wasn't some chance of your images coming out horribly wrong.

(via the Phoblographer)