Memoto is now the Narrative Clip, and shipping in November


posted Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 1:26 PM EDT


About a year ago, a Kickstarter popped up for a wearable, life-logging camera dubbed the Memoto. Now, that company has announced some big changes. Not only is Memoto getting a name change to "Narrative", but the device will start shipping in November for Kickstarter backers.

As announced in a blog post and a letter from the CEO, Memoto is now Narrative, and the device itself is the Narrative Clip. Apparently the name had to be changed, due to "the brand Memoto can’t be used on a global scale, specifically because it conflicts with similar trademarks in the market."

However, that doesn't seem to have slowed the company down. It just closed $3 million in funding, and come November 1, the first Kickstarter backed and pre-ordered Narrative Clips will ship out from Taiwan. Hopefully soon after that, people will start getting their hands on them, and start recording every tedious second of their day to day lives.

If the fact that it's about to ship enough to convince you to buy one, you can pick one up for $279 — though it might take a while to get to you, as all the Kickstarter orders have to be filled first. And, after the first year, you'll have to pay $9 per month for online storage of all your images.