BlackRapid announces new gear for October, including a strap designed specifically for women


posted Friday, October 4, 2013 at 12:43 PM EDT


For October, BlackRapid has announced four pieces of new gear that will be available for sale — two variants on existing products, and two that are totally new.

On the updated front, the popular Curve rapid strap has its first taste of color with a new "moss" option, which adds green and grey color accents. It's identical in all other ways, but it's an option for those who don't want every piece of gear they own to be matte black.

BlackRapid has also expanded its LensBling line of rear caps, adding three each for Canon and Nikon mounts. On the Canon side, you have 35mm, 135mm and a skull (for when there's not a back cap to match the focal length of that lens). Nikon shooters get a 24-70mm, a 35mm, and the skull.

As for the new gear, there's the Tether Kit, a $22.95 accessory that adds a bit more safety to your BlackRapid strap by giving it an extra attachment point, locking into the camera's neckstrap lug for more security.

Finally, and most interestingly of the lot, is the BlackRapid Kick. This $61.95 strap is specifically designed for women photographers, with more padding, and an altered angle to sit more comfortably on the chest. It also includes an attachment point for further BlackRapid accessories like the Joey line.

(via the Phoblographer