Samsung promises better stabilization, low light performance with new smartphone module


posted Monday, October 7, 2013 at 1:37 PM EDT


If you're an Android user, keep your eyes on 2014's smartphone announcements, because Samsung has announced a new camera module that could do a lot better in low light. This 13-megapixel sensor/lens combo not only has a powerful image stabilization system, but apparently also takes significantly better images in dim conditions.

Announced by Samsung Korea, the 13-megapixel unit will apparently be able to adjust for up to 1.5° in angular error due to its new stabilization system — which Samsung claims is more than twice of cameras currently on the market. The company is also citing that it can produce low light images with eight times the brightness of current similar systems, and significantly reduced power draw, so your battery will last longer.

The module is going into production early next year, which means that you'll probably see it on whatever the next iterations of Samsung's flagship Galaxy devices are. But we'll wait until it's in action to see if it actually improves how low light photos look out of a smartphone.

(via Engadget, Tech-On)