The Inside Out Project turns photobooths into enormous street art around the world


posted Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 1:15 PM EDT


Since 2011, the Inside Out Project has traveled the world, taking portraits of people, printing them to enormous size, and sticking them up as installation art around the planet. In the two years that the project has been running, more than 100,000 individuals have had their photographs snapped, with their images being plastered everywhere from Times Square to Chiang Mai. From Port Au Prince to Tokyo. And all it takes to be involved is to show up to one of their roving photobooths

Based out of New York, the Inside Out Project is the brainchild of artist JR. He sends the photobooths around the world. If one's near you, you simply line-up, and get your photo taken for free. Then a three foot by five foot black and white print comes out within a minute, which you then take and plaster up in a public place (though you get emailed a digital version for yourself).

Right now there's a photobooth in London, and in recent months a number of cities around the USA as part of the debate on immigration. In fact, if you're a group with a cause, you don't even have to wait for one of the roaming photobooths to find you. Simply get together a small group of people with a cause, and you can get the images made that way.

It's an inversion of a traditional photobooth, where you pay for a tiny photograph of your face. Instead, here's an art movement that's taking your image, blowing it up to the hugest size, and doing it for free. And since it's art, you don't feel overly narcissistic getting a three foot by five foot image of yourself.

(via DesignTaxi)