These incredible GIFs show the transformations brought by age (UPDATED)



posted Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 1:02 PM EST


There's something remarkable in this series of GIFs created by the Tumblr Gifcraft. Each one shows an elderly person transposed against an early photograph of themselves, matched as closely as possible in terms of posing and color, to create a stark and intriguing contrast between them at their prime and how they look now. (update: the photos are originally from Jan Langer)

Some of the people have only the most passing resemblance to the young versions of themselves, while others look remarkably similar.

The animated GIFs are pulled from the video Aging Face Transformation from the Russian site Dovga (update: it seems Dovga took it from a Czech news site without citing the source. More information below). Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be more information out there about where those images came from originally, who the people are, or who went through so much effort to pose and color the subjects to make them match the originals as closely as possible. If any of our readers have an idea of the original sources of these, we'd love to hear about them in the comments. Otherwise, feel free just to watch as the images slide back and forth between the old and the new photos of these once young folks.

(via FStoppers, Buzzfeed

UPDATE: The original photographer of these images has made himself known. They come from Czech photographer Jan Langer, and his series "Faces of Century", which looks at Czech people who have reached their hundredth birthday. As he puts it:

This set of comparative photos (of archive portraits from the family album and contemporary portraits from the present time) explores the similarities and the differences in appearance and in physiognomy. The characteristics of personality change throughout life but it seems as if individual nature remains rooted in the abyss of time.

The animations themselves originally come from interactive elements made by Czech news site Aktuálně, which directly compared both sets of photos.