More change on the way for Flickr fans, as photo service tests new layout


posted Friday, October 11, 2013 at 3:52 PM EST


Early last summer, Yahoo photo sharing site Flickr launched a revamped design that proved controversial, to say the least, among its members. The new Flickr design was lauded by some for a cleaner look that brought photos to the fore, while others criticized it for being slower, and using a Facebook-like infinitely scrolling concept. Five months later, some Flickr users are certainly still quite upset, but most seem to have learned to like -- or at least, resigned themselves to -- the new Flickr and moved on.

Now a further redesign is on the way that will revamp another section of the site. In the process, it promises to stir up the debate all over again. This time around, the rollout is more gradual, though, and users are being given the chance to opt in and provide feedback. The new Flickr photo page is intended, again, to bring the photo itself to the fore. It also aims to surface social interaction that was previously lost below the fold, and to make the overall design more modern.

Flickr's new photo page layout has a redesigned sidebar (A), social controls (B), comments section (C), photo info section (D), justified view control (E), and photo navigation (F).

Interestingly, we tried and failed to find a page with the new design ourselves -- even that of Flickr global community manager and product evangelist Kay Kremerskothen, shown in the screenshot above, is currently rendered using the original template for us.

Flickr users: Have you already been given the chance to switch, and if so, have you done so? What do you think of Flickr's new photo page design? Discuss in the comments below.

(via Reddit)