Pentax K-3 review updated: Even more info on one of the year’s most exciting cameras


posted Friday, October 11, 2013 at 12:45 PM EDT

Right as Pentax announced its impressive K-3 enthusiast DSLR earlier this week, Imaging Resource news editor and resident Pentaxian Mike Tomkins came down with a virus, waylaying him for the past couple of days. With Mike recuperating, the technical info section of our first impressions Pentax K-3 review was delayed.

Mike's now feeling nearly human once more, and the Pentax K-3 tech info is now available. It contains detailed information on most aspects of the K-3's design and operation, beyond that already provided in our hands-on preview and Geek's Guide to the revolutionary on-demand antialiasing function of the K-3.


Hopefully, if you've had any outstanding questions about Pentax's latest and greatest APS-C camera, they should now have been answered. If not, and you still want to know more about this mighty camera, leave your questions in the comments below. We'll do our best to get them answered for you!

To see the new tech info section, take a look at our hands-on Pentax K-3 review here.