Eye-Fi increases Mobi card capacity, offers free, framed canvas photo print


posted Monday, October 21, 2013 at 4:12 PM EST


Last June, Eye-Fi -- the company synonymous with the Wi-Fi capable memory card -- launched its new Mobi product line, and made instant photo sharing from an otherwise non-connected device even easier than ever. Today, it's given photographers another reason to choose the Mobi over its existing Pro X2 card line, by doubling capacity to 32GB.

The new Eye-Fi Mobi 32GB card is, in most respects, the same as its existing 8GB and 16GB variants. The cost per capacity is much lower, though: The new card is priced at just US$100 for 32GB, where the earlier 16GB variant retails for $80. That makes the 32GB card a much better deal -- you'll spend US$3.13 per gigabyte, instead of the US$5/gigabyte of the 16GB card. (The 8GB card, meanwhile, runs US$6.25 per GB.)

In fact, the 32GB Eye-Fi Mobi card carries exactly the same list pricing as the 16GB Pro X2 card, although admittedly that variant makes up for its higher pricing with more advanced, enthusiast-friendly features.


And as if the new capacity and affordability high wasn't enough, Eye-Fi is also launching its new 32GB Mobi card with a limited-time offer. Buy direct from the Eye-Fi website, and you'll get a free, framed 8-by-10-inch canvas photo print. Not only can you now shoot more photos with Mobi, and get them into the cloud with no fuss at all, but you'll be able to have your favorite shot on your desk without spending a penny extra. Cool!