Red Bull releases full POV video from incredible Stratos dive


posted Monday, October 21, 2013 at 1:06 PM EDT


Last year, Felix Baumgartner made history by jumping from the edge of space, falling 23 miles down to the Earth below, and surviving. The Red Bull Stratos, as the jump was known, was documented by more than 35 cameras. And Red Bull has just released another view of his famed decent, including footage from a helmet cam.

The video includes not just the video feed from Baumgartner's helmet camera, but also two others from around his body, as well as data like his altitude, airspeed, and heart rate, so you can track the minutiae of his fall. Especially terrifying is the period of uncontrolled spinning that he hits early in the jump.

Seeing the footage from his point of view really drives home how terrifying the fall must have been, and Baumgartner's incredible bravery in skill in managing to control it.

If you want to watch more of this incredible feat, Red Bull has released a documentary of the Stratos jump on Rdio to celebrate a year since the record-breaking event.

(via Wired)