Love photography and hiking? The rotation180° Panorama backpack was made for you


posted Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 5:21 PM EST


Most of us have more than one hobby: Sure, photography may be our big passion, but it takes more than one pursuit to make a balanced life. Camera bag company MindShift Gear has just announced a new backpack for those of you who couple your love of cameras with an urge to get outdoors and hike. The rotation180° Panorama, slated to ship next January, is said to be the world's first rotating day hiker backpack.

The sub-three pound rotation180° Panorama backpack will ship in both charcoal and Tahoe blue color schemes, and has a dedicated pocket for a 3-liter hydration reservoir. It also provides room for a jacket, hat, gloves, food, and more, alongside your camera and lenses. The latter stow nicely in the rotating section of the pack, which can also be worn separately as a beltpack. And there are two tripod-mounting options, as well.


The pack is made from water-resistant nylon with YKK zippers, and lined with polyester over closed-cell antilon foam. External dimensions are 9.8" x 19.7" x 4.7", and total volume is 26 liters. Optional accessories for the rotation180° Panorama include a lens case that attaches to the beltpack, a tripod suspension kit, an insert to increase your camera gear capacity, and a rain cover. 

Pricing for the rotation180° Panorama hasn't been disclosed at this time.