Voigtländer announces close focus adapter for Sony E-mount


posted Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 12:37 PM EST


With Sony's A7 and A7r on the way, suddenly there's a lot more interest in getting full frame lenses working on E-mount bodies. Voigtländer has just announced its own adapter mount, which will not only let you put VM-mount lenses on an E-mount body, but also uses a 4mm helicoid extension to dramatically improve the minimum focusing distance of lenses added to the thing.

As the company explains:

With this adapter, the minimum object distance of VM lenses can be shorter. You can get closer to the subject, when shooting. For the minimum object distance of each VM lens with this adapter, please check attached file.

Voigtländer has also put out a table showing how the minimum focusing distance will change on a number of lenses — some of which are as dramatic as 1/5 of their previous limitations. For example, the Ultra Wide Heliar 12mm F5,6 drops from around 50cm to just 10cm.

However, there is a downside. Voigtländer warns that "there is a possibility that low resolution of the edge and the colour cast will emerge due to the combination of camera body and lens."

If you're interested, the adapter will ship in December for €289 (approximately $400).

(via DPReview