Ringo Starr’s “Photograph” reveals his incredible photography archives


posted Friday, October 25, 2013 at 1:27 PM EDT


It turns out that Beatles drummer Ringo Starr was more than just a member of one of the greatest music acts of all time — but was also a passionate photographer. And now Starr has opened his archives for a new limited edition book called Photograph. Tracing Starr's life both in and out of the Beatles, it's compilation of not just photos by the musician, but also of him, and personal materials.

Only 2500 copies of collector edition book are planned to be published, and they're currently up for pre-order for £345.00 (approx. $560). As you can see from the images of its pages below, it's more than just photography, but also has a substantial amount of ephemera from Starr's life. But the star (ha!) of the show really are his images. It includes hundreds of unseen photographs by Starr, not only of the band, but also of their travels, and some of his more experimental work.

Starr is quoted as saying:

"There's a lot of shots of "the boys" that only I could have taken. This is how we saw most of the world when it got big for The Beatles. You'll find several of the shots in this book are from my point of view, looking out of a car window. That's just how it was. You had to get to the gig, and then get away from the gig to wherever you were going next.' 'I like cameras and I like lenses. If you look at the Beatle photos, everybody's carrying a camera."

Each of the limited edition books is signed by Starr, and is bound in leather, with gold blocking. Starr is donating his royalties to the Lotus Foundation.

Publisher Genesis Publications simultaneously has a book come from Yoko Ono. Make of that what you will.