Control a camera with your brain with the Neurocam (VIDEO)


posted Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at 1:46 PM EDT


As much as it might sound like science fiction, brain controlled gadgets are a very real thing (the folks at Neurowear have built an industry out of it) — and it might be making its way to your camera in the future in the form of the Neurocam.

Spotted by DigInfo at Human Sensing 2013, the Neurocam combines a brainwave sensor and an iPhone mount (to your head, of course) so that your camera can be controlled via your brain. This particular concept involves reading your brainwaves, and quantifying your interest in what you're looking at on a scale from one to 100, and when it passes 60, it automatically records a five-second GIF. The obvious use here is something like a lifelogging camera, one that records just the things you find interesting, compiling a highlights reel of your life.

The other option would be to train it on your brain to be able to take photos when you think a specific way. As whacky as that might sound, there was a children's toy that you had to control by altering your EEG in specific ways.

This concept uses an iPhone mounted on the side of your head to both interpret the brainwaves, and to handle the recording, so is pretty clunky. But it works well as a proof of concept, showing the basics of how a system like this could work. And how long do you think it'll be before Google Glass can tap into your brainwaves to control the device? It'll be the ultimate in handsfree shooting.

(via Engadget)