Watch the a battle between a motorcyclist and a ram via GoPro (VIDEO)


posted Monday, November 4, 2013 at 1:57 PM EDT


There's definitely a trend of sticking GoPro cameras on animals, and watching them do their thing. But it takes a special sort of person who, after already facing down an angry creature, goes back to capture the encounter again, this time with more cameras.

Earlier this year, motorcyclist Marty Todd's video of an encounter with an angry ram went widely viral, being shared on a number of major news outlets. While out on his bike, he encountered a belligerent ram, determined not to let him pass. While Todd eventually managed to get by, he did something most of us would never think to do — he went back. Egged on by the requests of viewers, Todd returned to the ram in September, but this time he managed to attach a camera to the ram itself.

As you might expect, the animal wasn't too fond of Todd having come by again, and it's quite astonishing to watch it charge at him at full speed, with enough force to damage the man's motorcyle. Not only that, but it did a pretty good job of keeping pace with Todd when he headed out of there.

So keep in mind, even though rams may look or cute and cuddly, they've got horns for a reason, and aren't afraid to use them.


And here's the original video:


(via DIYPhotography)