Stabilized Bigfoot video completely changes the iconic footage


posted Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 1:18 PM EST


The Patterson-Gimlin film is one of the most endearing pieces of cryptid recording in existence. This shaky bit of film from 1967 was long held up as proof of the existence of Bigfoot, the mythical man-beast that stalked the woodlands. But the footage itself is extremely shaky and low quality. But what happens if you take that footage, and use modern stabilization algorithms on it? It gives a very different picture of the famed clip.

On Reddit, a thread popped up of the Patterson-Gimlin footage stabilized into a GIF, with the discussion then linking to some better quality versions of similar feats. Watching this famously wobbly video in a much more stable manner really does make Bigfoot look less like a fantastic creature, and more like just a person in a suit. You can check out the original stabilized version here and the better one here (high-res) to open them in new windows.

This effort apparently originally popped up in 2008, and a more complete effort was done more recently.

In a similar vein, the famous Zapruder footage of the JFK assassination has also been stabilized, which is as brutal a piece of footage as you can imagine. Which makes us wonder what modern technology will do to clarify other famed pieces of video footage in the near future.