Viral video calls out photog for using flash at a gig — but the shots make it worth it (VIDEO) [UPDATED]


posted Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 1:57 PM EST


A recent viral video has been doing the rounds of a photographer shooting at a small music gig. The video is called "How not to be a photographer at a gig", and obviously takes a rather dim view of photographer Aelle Lucà aggressively shooting with his flash. But there's more to this story than just a photographer getting in the way of the music.

It seems the bands requested Lucà to be there, and signed off on him using his flash in the club for the sparsely attended gig. It seems it was a fairly empty concert, and he was there doing the job requested of him. As he puts it in the YouTube comments:

It is finally to for me to say something as I have been offended so much in the last 2 days from conceited/arrogant people.
1) The band ask for photos
2) I asked them explicitly to them if there were any problem with a MASSIVE use of flash (answer was: "Do what u want"!) 3) If someone keeps saying flash is not necessary is clearly lying (not light just 2 PURPLE neon) at all and the band asked for this kind of photos
4) Venue was almost empty so no one to annoy probably just some **** filming

Last but not least I really don't give a **** about using flash and so on but is so humbling reading so many people talking not sense without knowing facts, reading people insulting you with no reason! Have a life!
Here the pictures, I will not reply to anyone! aellephoto.wordpress

The band in question, Sleeper Effect, also chimed in to say:

We would like to say that Antonio asked us beforehand whether we minded if he got right in there, using flash and getting on stage. we said not at all. This guy has style and we very much respect his work. Most of us in the band have been gigging and worked in live music for over 15 years and have seen countless flat, boring photos. Some of you may not agree with this style but the results are fantastic.

As for the final images? You can see them on his website, of both Sleeper Effect and The Cortège. And you know what? They're some pretty good photos.

While it certainly would have been possible to capture the concert without the use of a bright strobe, he wouldn't have been able demonstrate the impressive flash dragging that the images show.

Frankly, in this situation you can't blame the photographer. He cleared it with the acts, and did what was asked of him.


(via DIYPhotography)

UPDATE: Antonio has given us permission to show off some of the photos that he snapped at the gig. They're below — and a pretty good example of using second curtain flash.