Ten months of amazing travel, recorded one second a day at a time (VIDEO)


posted Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 2:13 PM EDT


What would one second of your day look like? If you took a brief video every day, just a single second, and compiled it into one project, how would your year look? Inspired by a TED talk, Michał Mikołaj Wojtunik did just that, 10 months of travel and living combined into one incredible video.

Wojtunik's path takes him through London, Kraków, Chanthaburi, and Gauhati, and he captures each of them at just one second at a time. Yet even as he travels, his videos are filled with snippets of a far more mundane life, and those moments are all the more human because of it.

Of course, Wojtunik isn't the only person doing this sort of one second a day video. Much like Project 365, it's a movement with a cult following of people who are trying to record their lives, a little at a time. On a Reddit thread there have been plenty of others, including this one, and here are some other examples — and an app to help you do it.

It's very easy to watch a video like this, and think that your life would be extremely boring collapsed in this way. But if nothing else, these videos show that everyone has at least something a tiny bit interesting happen to them every single day of their life — and that's worth recording.

(via Gawker, Daily Dot)