Google Street View heads to Venice


posted Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 1:19 PM EST


The Google Street View team has done some amazing things. More than just help you find your way around your own city, it's taken us up the world's tallest building, and to some of the most interesting and obscure locations imaginable. Now, Google Street View and that wearable camera backpack have headed to Italy, and through the canals of Venice.

The newest addition to the Street View Treks not only allows you to tour the labyrinthine back alleys of the famed cities, but also cruise along the canals, and learn the history behind some of its most famed locations. There are even marked spots that have appeared in famous works of art.

While it might not be quite as dramatic as, say, Everest, Venice is somewhere an awful lot more of us will one day manage to visit. So while you're saving your pennies for that trip to Italy, take a quick preview thanks to the folks at Google.

(via Engadget)