Joby announces new Pro Sling Strap


posted Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 1:38 PM EST


Building on the success of its Ultrafit Sling Strap, Joby has announced a new accessory, the $69.95 Pro Sling Strap. Much like the the Ultrafit, the Pro features a speed cinch system to rapidly go from hanging at your side to ready to shoot, and it can also be locked in the stowed position to keep it safely tucked away. But at $20 more than the Ultrafit, it also brings some other toys to the party.

Most notably, the Pro Sling Strap also features a safety tether which latches into your camera's shoulder lug, and will provide an extra layer of safety should the tripod mount fail. It's also constructed partly of new materials, including custom designed nylon webbing. According to Joby, "To build the Pro Sling Strap, JOBY searched globally for materials with the right combination of weight, size and durability. Using computer-controlled looms, JOBY created a custom textile for this new shoulder strap. The Pro Sling Strap compresses to a tiny footprint in a camera bag but is still extremely durable and supple."

If the Pro Sling Strap is a success, it'll be interesting to see if Joby repeats what it did with the Ultrafit, and produce a version specifically for women.