“Palette” would let you build a custom editing control system (UPDATE)


posted Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 3:04 PM EDT


We've seen some pretty interesting attempts to create hardware control schemes for various applications over the years — like trying to get a MIDI controller to work with Lightroom, or setting up a game controller to edit photos. But what if you could build your own control system, one that you could customize to exactly the number of buttons, knobs, and sliders that you want? That's the promise of Palette, a soon to launch series of modular controls that you assemble like Lego.

Palette is a modular system, where each control piece plugs into the others in any number of different configurations. It looks like there will be multiple different sizes and styles of dials, buttons, and sliders, which you them mix and match to whatever you need. So if you need a half-dozen sliders but only one or two buttons, you just daisy chain together the pieces you need.

Since Palette hasn't launched yet, there's still a lot we don't know. The website claims "Connect modules together like Lego. Create a controller that works with Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere and Traktor." According to an email from the company, it'll be controlled by a companion app "that pulls functions from your software that you can map to each module."

There's also no word on the price. Modular systems tend to be pricier than all in ones, generally speaking, but do allow far more flexibility. But if you just want a couple of pieces, it might be a more affordable way than buying a huge MIDI soundboard or something similar, and struggling to get it to work.


UPDATE: The folks at Palette let us have a gander at what the prices will be, and let us know that it's aiming to fund through Kickstarter. So while the price isn't too bad, keep in mind that with Kickstarter projects, don't count on it landing in your hands by a certain date.