Fujifilm makes free digital magazine for X-series shooters


posted Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 1:58 PM EDT


Thanks, in part, to the X-series of cameras, Fujifilm has gained a reputation as being a company devoted to photographic excellence, and also to treating its customers right. The most recent indication of that is the new Fujifilm X Magazine, a free digital publication devoted to the various X-series cameras the company makes.

Available to read online, or through apps for iOS or Android, the X Magazine is a fully animated and jam packed magazine. It has interactive elements, example images from new lenses, tutorials, competitions, and more.

As of right now, the November issue is the only one available, but there are slots for upcoming issues for both December and January. While the magazine is technically only nine pages long, each page is loaded with interactive elements that massively expand the amount of content that you can see.

Unfortunately, at least on Android, there have been substantial complaints about it not working well on all devices. So maybe sticking to the web version is wiser.

Yes, reading a magazine by a company solely about their own products does seem a bit like propaganda. But at least it's well designed and made propaganda!

(via 1001NoisyCameras)