Sony’s A7 and A7r team interviewed: faster lenses in the works, but no more NEX?


posted Friday, November 22, 2013 at 1:10 PM EST


The Sony A7 and A7r are continuing to amaze us (and everyone else) with their incredible image quality. But we can't help but wonder what's in the future for full frame on Sony mirrorless cameras? DC.Watch managed to score an interview with the team behind the A7 and A7r — and while we're relying on a machine translation of the interview, there's still a lot of interesting information to parse out of it.

The most exciting news for people who are on board with the A7 and A7r is that yes, new and faster lenses are in the works. As the translated interview puts it: "Hosoi 's right. It is the result of in balance with the size of the camera, considering the specs of the best possible status quo. Customers who want the lens brighter than of course. Comes therefore, we are actively involved in the development of the lens of large diameter than the future." Which we interpret to mean that larger, brighter lenses are in the works.

What's perhaps the most peculiar part of the interview is that it seems to suggest that the NEX title may be retired by Sony. This could be us misinterpreting a poor translation, but here's what it says:

- Named NEX Do not used anymore?

: Township there are no plans to use the new products in the future.

The interview also talks about the design challenges of fitting all that camera into quite small bodies, how the viewfinder is much brighter than some other versions, and the improved AF system.

If any of our readers speak Japanese, and would like to take a more accurate stab at translating parts of the interview, we'd love to see the results. Relying on Google Translate isn't always the best of bets.

(via SAR)