Nikon D5100 firmware hack brings manual shooting to Live View


posted Monday, December 2, 2013 at 12:57 PM EST


The NikonHacker firmware tweaks have never been as popular or as functional as its Canon Magic Lantern brethreb. However, that doesn't mean that something pretty impressive doesn't come along on occasion — like adding full manual functionality to the D5100 while in Live View mode.

The firmware tweak was released on the NikonHacker forum, and it seems the D5100 had this functionality baked in, but that it was software disabled, which the hack was able to work around. As one user explained:

I guess the reason is pretty obvious: D5100 and D7000 firmwares are built from same source code. So most things from D7000 are inside D5100, perhaps all (I expect also DOF-preview function be there, but no button to activate). Because we see for example everywhere in a cycle work with SDHC Channel 0 and Channel 1 in D5100, but only channel 0 is enabled. Same sensor, same TX chip, and it is much easier to keep firmware almost same because you save a lot of time for development and testing.

As for what the firmware can do for other cameras? Here's the full feature list:

  • D3100
    • Change Time Based Video Restrictions to 17:28
    • Non-brand Battery
  • D5100
    • Remove Time Based Video Restrictions
    • NEF Compression Off
    • NEF Compression Lossless
    • Remove NEF Nikon Star Eater, for Astro folks
    • Jpeg Compression - Quality (vs. Space)
    • Non-brand Battery
    • Live View Manual Control ISO/Shutter
  • D7000
    • Remove Time Based Video Restrictions
    • Remove NEF Nikon Star Eater, for Astro folks

Obviously, this isn't quite as expansive a feature set as you'll see on firmware hacks for other cameras — but it's still a pretty cool set of new features, especially for the D5100.


(via DIYPhotography)