DIY GoPro glider makes for awesome orbiting footage (VIDEO)


posted Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 2:52 PM EDT


One of the main advantages to the GoPro is that it's small and light enough that you can strap it to just about anything, and it won't get in the way. How small and light? Enough so that you can essentially build it an aerodynamic wing, tie in some rope, and create awesome (and vaguely vertigo inducing) footage of you spinning it around your body. At least, that's what Steven Prael did, for the video below.

With the help of his dad's workshop, Prael built a relatively simple glider for the GoPro, and then it was just a matter of spinning the thing. Which really makes us wonder — if the GoPro is light enough that something like this works, is it light enough for a more traditional glider? Has anyone built a proper glider, and pushed a GoPro off the side of a cliff? Because that footage would be either terrifying or super-impressive.

Regardless, Prael's project shows that it doesn't take a huge rig or a drone to get some impressive flying footage of a GoPro. Just a bit of ingenuity. Now, if you don't even have access to a workshop, you could always go even more low tech, and just strap it to a hula hoop.

(via ISO1200)