The Camera Bag: A7 makes some gorgeous camera straps


posted Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 2:21 PM EST


Shopping for a photographer is hard. Glass is expensive, and you're never sure what they'd actually like. Lighting needs vary on the type of photography they do. Memory cards feel impersonal. But what about a really nice camera strap? After all, if they're going to have a hunk of metal and glass hanging from your neck for hours at a time, something stylish and safe would make an excellent purchase. And that's where the folks at A7 come in.

A7 (not to be confused with the Sony camera of the same name) are a New York company that offer leather and canvas straps, with prices that run from $45-$120. The choice are the light and small Parkway for $45; the $85 leather Lincoln, now with adjustable buckles; the heavy-duty Morgan, which for $120 will handle heftier cameras; and the $110 Porter, made from suede backed canvas, and tipped with vegetable tanned leather.

So if you've got a photographer that you're gift shopping for, and want to get them something a bit more interesting than the usual gear, a nice leather strap would fit the bill very well. Now I just need to start subtly emailing these to my family members as a hint...

(via the Phoblographer)